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Duality: we are holding it.

This week I sat with two friends for a spring equinox ritual.

According to some other blogs, a spring he equinox is described as "the period of struggle between darkness and light, death and life."

Darkness and light, night and day, are equal during the equinox time.

In this beautiful ritual time guided by the work of Chani Nicholas, we were invited to sit with darkness and light literally.

The exact amount we sat in darkness (literally with no light around), we sat with the light.

We also spend time journaling about specific questions and pull some oracles cards at the end—what a powerful time!

This experience was surprising to me. I was so afraid at first to sit in darkness. When my friend turned off all the house lights, I thought, "I can't be here for one minute."

So we gathered on the couch and began to breathe. I closed my eyes and began to feel a deep sense of inner peace. Suddenly, it was quiet. I heard a profound silence. Everything was still. One minute, two minutes, we had to time the amount of time we sat in the dark. If I can remember correctly, we sat for precisely 13 minutes. As I breathed and observed, my soul was still. The fear was gone, and I embraced the darkness like never before.

When the time with sitting in darkness was done, we had to sit with the light. I knew the light. I knew what the dawn would bring. I still sat there with curiosity. And I saw how unique both sides could be.

We are dark and light, day and night. As humans, we hold both parts!

The desire for perpetual sunshine is almost an illusion. Without darkness, we would never be able to understand, see and feel the light.

We are dual beings!



A. How would it feel to sit with the depths of my soul? Who/ what can be my support in digging deeper?

B. What are the hidden treasures with my dark hours? What monsters must I face to get there?

C. What do I already know about my light that can support me in my journey of self-discovery?

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