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How do I fix this?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I love this question!

I often hear it when speaking to clients that have begun to develop awareness. When learning about old patterns in our lives, discovering a point of improvement, having a deep desire of getting rid of unhealthy habits, or connecting to deep pain, we are conditioned to believe something is wrong. Therefore the first impulse is to want to fix "it."

As a life coach, I help my client develop, grow, discover, descend, and transcend!

Let's think this through; there is no room for improvement when we fix something.

I am here to remind us that we don't need fixing. One of my biggest mentors likes to say; we are whole, complete, and resourceful.

It is normal to notice improvement points when starting a self-development process such as therapy, mentoring, and coaching of any sort. What a fantastic thing! Awareness is usually the first door we open when beginning this journey.

Since fixing isn't needed, then what?

As humans, we grow into our power by connecting to higher power sources.

We let go of what isn't serving us any longer.

We toss the dry or dead branches and leaves so that new ones can come about.

We grow each day by watering the love inside.

We discover more as we dig in!

We learn what works and what doesn't; we keep creating awareness.

We go deep inside to transcend.

We get grounded in the truth of what works for our individual lives.

We do this in the space of love and self-care, aiming only to grow as we live a better and more meaningful life.

Therefore there is no fixing and thank the universe for that!



A. As I am learning and becoming more aware each day, what am I noticing? Ask yourself how this makes you feel. Check-in with your body.

B. How can I continue to grow into my power? Make a list of your strengths. Feel free to use the list of VIA Classification of 24 Character Strengths.

C. How can I love and support myself in this process of self-development and a new state of consciousness?

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